Aashitaru – Beyond Afflictions

Continuing the endeavor to engage more members from the community of people with disabilities in Radio Active’s functional realm, a radio workshop was conducted at Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled (http://www.samarthanam.org/) on October 15, 2013, by RJ Lavanya, RJ Padma and RJ Manjula.


The participants of the workshop will be instrumental in contributing to Aashitaru, a daily radio programme conceptualized, produced and hosted by people with disabilities to promote empathetic understanding of disabilities, and equal opportunities to all while looking at issues of advocacy, rights and entitlements, education, employment and other support.

Launched in 2007 as a weekly radio series, Aashitaru’s early collaborations were with Association of People with Disabilities ( APD) , Sama Foundation, Mitra Jyothi, NFB etc and witnessed the programme address issues concerning people with disabilities such as employment, education, and information on policies; it also became a space for parents of children with disabilities to come together. The need to air the programme daily, especially on weekends, was expressed during a focus group discussion in 2011, Aashitaru thus became a daily programme, hosted by RJ Lavanya and RJ Jaydev, representatives of the community themselves, with participation from different organizations.

Some of the other programs under Aashitaru includes Sanchaya produced by Mitra Jyoti , and Maya Jala – a program for understanding the use of computers for visually impaired.

For more details, visit our website http://www.radioactive.edu.in or tune into Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz!

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