Baale – to Save Girl Children is to Save Humanity!

To draw attention to the falling sex ratio in the country, foetal sex determination and sex selective abortion by unethical medical practitioners and social discrimination against girl child, a National Campaign for Gender Equality was successfully on October 31, 2013 in Bangalore by ActionAid, Swaraj, Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz and other progressive organizations.

Titled Baale (meaning the girl child in Kannada), the Campaign has a specific goal of halting female feticide and aims to contribute to reversing the declining girl child ratio in India.

The Campaign flagged off with simultaneous Walkathons in the morning from Vani Vilas Hospital to Town Hall and from 16th Cross Malleshwaram to K C General Hospital, Malleshwaram Circle. This was followed by another Walkathon from Gundappa Road to Gandhi Bazaar in the afternoon.  With slogans against female foeticide, and supporting girl child and a gender equal society, the walkathon had participants of all age groups.






Post the walkathon, a bike rally was organized which was flagged off from Malaya Hospital. The bike rally had a majority of women riders, riding in solidarity promoting the cause of the campaign.


The bike rally concluded at the Town Hall was the final leg of the campaign was organised. The campaign banner Act Now, Treat Female Foeticide as National Emergency was first unfurled at Town Hall followed by cultural events.  Questioning the reasons of discriminations, students of Samvada bought out the issues of gender differences in a song format, girl children from Baale Mane performed the Dollu Kunita- a traditional dance of Karnataka performed by men and lastly a dance from the Siddhi community.

In an act of defiance women also climbed trees and unfurled banners to signify changing times


Post the cultural performances, all the individuals present participated in the candle light vigil which was to highlight the solidarity and to also promote the cause of protecting girl child. All the individuals also signed a postcard which will be sent to the President of India expressing concern over rising female feoticide.


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