Project Axshsya – Community Gathering to discuss TB!

Radio Active held the second community gathering to create awareness on TB with domestic workers, as a part of The Axshya Community Radio Project. On Monday, November 11, 2013, 70 women domestic workers , part of Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA) gathered in All India Women’s Conference Hall, Jaynagar 1st Block, Tilak Nagar at 3pm to talk and discuss TB.


Mr. Anniyappa, Communication Facilitator from Lady Willingdon State Tuberculosis Centre’s Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme, a state government-administered organisation started discussions asking the women to express what they knew about TB and its causes and symptoms. He familiarised the women with the signs of TB, the treatment and stressed on the importance of diagnosis. He also addressed one of the most crucial aspects of TB – stigma and discrimination. He cleared the air about the myths related to TB and adviced all the women to spread this information and not stigmatise TB patients. He also stressed on the free treatment available for TB in public hospitals and encouraged the women to volunteer as DOTS providers and support TB patients. Mr. Anniyappa also answered questions raised by the women regarding symptoms, and if TB could be transmitted from mother to child and the necessary precautions to be taken.

The session concluded by Mr. Anniyappa reiterating that TB is curable if one approaches for treatment. He requested all the women gathered to take the lead and if they knew someone who was suffering from cough for more than two weeks, then they should advice them to undertake free sputum test at the nearest hospital.

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