Once upon a time (in 2010), children in Srirampura gathered every Saturday in a house to listen to stories. They were so engrossed that they wanted to then tell their own stories by reading books and talking to their grandparents. These children told stories of kings and queens, of the wars and the happy times, of their schools and their friends and of the happenings of their surroundings. Ondanondu Kaladalli took birth from these stories. A weekend show at Radio Active, this programme captured the imagination of all the little ones who wanted to share a story, their story.

The enthusiasm of the children went viral and their excitement could not be contained just within a radio programme. What followed next was Chinnara Habba – Ondanondu Kaladalli Varshika Utsava Samarambha, an annual storytelling competition organised and hosted by Radio Active from 2011. The first year saw more than 800 children from Government schools animated while sharing their stories. Since then this Annual story telling competition has only gone richer in stories, with participation of more than 1200 students in 2013.

The first planning meeting for Chinnara Habba – Ondanondu Kaladalli Varshika Utsava Samarambha 2014 was held on December 30, 2013 at the Child Rights Trust’s office. This year the event will be supported by Child Rights Trust, Sparsha and Bangalore ChildLine with the theme ‘Child Rights stories’.



image (1)

The competition will be inaugurated on January 10, 2014 with participation from over 30 government schools and 10 NGOs working with children. The final leg of the competition will be held on February 25, 2014.

About our Partners

Child Rights Trust (CRT) and Radio Active have been partners for radio programmes focussing on child rights for the past 5 years. Balya Amulya, a weekly show on child rights is on air every Tuesday 11.30 to 12.00pm (http://blog.childrightstrust.org/) CRT has been instrumental in formation of Right to Education Task Force Karnataka along with Sparsha, SICHREM, APSA, Bachpan Bachao Andolan and Radio Active.

Bangalore Child Line (1098) toll-free tele-helpline for street children in distress (http://www.childlineindia.org.in/)




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