Go where life takes and take what life gives: Multi talented media person Vasanthi Hariprakash in a candid conversation with RJ Lakshmi on #CTRLZ

In a no holds barred, candid conversation Vasanthi Hariprakash opens up about her journey to becoming one of India’s most known media persons and how the journey has shaped her as a person…



Vasanthi Hariprakash at Radio Active

Vasanthi Hariprakash is a household name in Bangalore. For four years every morning, her Morning show on Radio City brought in her stories into our drawing rooms, kitchens, offices, cafes and cars.

Today Vasanthi is one of the most well known media persons in India. She has explored it all – print media, radio, documentary, TV, stage and like she would say- what what and all she has done!

Her journey has taken many twists and turns, but the train and the Indian railways, she says, has been probably the only constant.

But did you know that she has a degree in electronics and had once decided to become a management graduate?




Lakshmi Vasanthi

Vasanthi with RJ Lakshmi

With RJ Lakshmi, Vasanthi traces her serendipitous journey from being an aspiring MBA graduate to taking up Journalism, joining AIR to host her own radio show and then in a freak incident landing up with a job in the country’s first private radio station Radio City, running her own morning show for over four years. And then, the rest as they say, is history.

While through freak incidents and the stroke of luck or serendipity and sometimes sheer magic, opportunities have come her way, she has gracefully given it her best short, never once shying away from what life offers her. And that that’s why we feel Vasanthi’s motto rings true to her life – Go where life takes you, take what life gives.

Listen to this super candid, super relaxed and super long conversation on Vasanthi’s journey in her own words!





Article and interview by Lakshmi Karunakaran

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