“I Learnt to Look Beyond Full Stops” – Divya Krishnamoorthy Remembers Her One-Month Internship with Radio Active

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“And this is the world of nomads in any case.”

– Michael Ondaatje

We live in a society designed around constructs and when I joined Radio Active, I had pre-set structures that had conditioned me to see things a certain way. My experience at the station has broken down the myopic view that I had towards the world; the spectacle through which I was looking at people broke down to pieces.

My first day itself encouraged me to take up the job and perform with utmost dedication. A job has to be a learning process and Radio Active has been a character-building frame of time that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The learning happened through discussions, endless debates, and transcribing of interviews. The internship pushed me every day to look forward to a life that was anything but mundane.

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Radio Active did not come with baggage or obligation. It did not believe in full stops, rather it believed in the comma, as a metaphor for taking a step forward in everything that I did. The humongous amount of love and support encouraged me to bring a change in the pre-designed structures of the society. I learned to hope because only through this can a person bring a change. A change that is pertinent in our lives, one that pushes us to look beyond what everyone calls a ‘horizon’ from the edge.

This one month of internship taught me to look beyond full stops, hence, I am glad to be concluding with a sense of hope that will guide me through my future experiences, without a sense of ending.


Written by Divya Krishnamoorthy.



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