Dance is a lifelong quest: Bangalore based Bharatanatyam Dancer Ramaa Venugopalan on #ActiveWomen

‘ When I was very young my mother told me that dance will be a part of my life irrespective of what I choose to do. That has come true’ Ramaa Venugopalan.

Bangalore based Ramaa Venugopalan has been practicing dance for over two decades now. Her tryst with Bharatanatyam started when she  was just four years old. As a student of dance, she has taken on many roles, both on and off stage; she has viewed it as a student, teacher, mentor and an observer. Two decades on, she says dance has become an integral part of her being.


In this edition of Active Women listen to the fascinating journey of Bharatanatyam dancer Ramaa Venugopalan. She shares about how her relationship with the art form and her own practice has changed over the last two decades, how it has led her to understands her strengths and limitations. It is this constant conversation with dance, through dance, that she says, defines her quest and adds meaning to her life.


Listen to the complete interview here:


Interview and article by Lakshmi Karunakaran

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