Active People

Active RJ’s

RJ Priyanka

RJ Priyanka stands tall and full of pride. She has the distinction of being the first transgender RJ of the country (on air since May 2010) and through her work and activism, represents the Sexual Minorities Community with extraordinary sensitivity and openness. She launched and hosts the show called ‘Yari Varu’ which focuses on issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community, including sexual harassment, problems relating to employment, lack of housing facilities, and more. She is also actively involved in the day-to-day management of the radio station.

Fondly called the ‘Drama Queen of Radio Active’, RJ Priyanka has been a finalist for two years at the prestigious Namma Bengaluru Awards (2013- 2014 and 2014-2015). She won the ‘Suvarana State Award’ and ‘Yuva Sadheke Award” in the year 2015 for her consistent contribution in empowering members of the sexual minorities community. She has been featured in multiple publications and interviewed by many TV and radio stations. She has also acted in a short film titled ‘Jayanagara 4th Block’, in a television serial called ‘Suryakaanti’ that was broadcast on Zee Kannada, and in a play titled ‘Mohinibasmasura’. She has also participated in reality programs ‘Pekkin Express’, ‘Divided’, ‘Matandre Mathu’, to name just a few!


RJ Auto Shiv Kumar

Shiv Kumar is an auto-driver by profession and a poet at heart. Following an invitation to be interviewed at the station, he took up the opportunity of becoming the voice of the auto driver community! In 2010, his first weekly live show called Mukha Mukhi debuted and created a common platform for discussions between the auto-driver community and the general public. The show has addressed a range of issues from faulty meters, road aggression, and customer treatment to health and nutrition, occupational hazards, family issues, dealings with the RTO and the traffic police. The show ran successfully till June 2015. He then launched a new show titled ‘Mathandrae Mathu Manadalada Mathu to capture stories of auto drivers, interesting encounters with passengers and a sneak peek into the personal lives of the rickshaw drivers. This show is recorded at various auto stands in the city. He has also produced another show titled ‘Gurukula Budhukina Hadi’.

RJ Auto Shiv Kumar’s story has been extensively covered by various publications and TV channels. In the past he has also won the Honesty Award from the Bangalore Traffic Police Commissioner. He was also a finalist at the Namma Bengaluru Awards 2012. He has the unique distinction of being the world’s first Autodriver RJ.


RJ Manjula

RJ Radha Mani

RJ Shanthi


In May 2015, she was invited by a fellow sex-worker to a discussion program at the station, and it was hear that she spoke her heart out through a poetry she composed, and shortly after she started volunteering at the station and soon launched a show titled “Ghanateya Dudimegaagi Naavu Manushyaru”, which features life stories of sex workers and also address issues of housing, social security and the need for decrimination


RJ Uma/Umesh

Uma, as she is fondly called, represents the sexual minority community. After working 12651124_772701472835638_1258209062777462407_n.jpgfor over 14 years on the community issues, Uma was disappointed with the lack of space in the mainstream media and so turned to community media. She registered an NGO called “Jeeva”, to specifically work on advocacy of community media and mental health issues.

She also produced a documentary titled “Shruthi Saranya Love Story”, on lesbian couple, whose family had severe opposition to the relationship. At Radio Active, Uma  hosts the popular show “Jeeva Diary”, and runs a quarterly magazine  “Ananya”, a Kannada magazine dedicated to bringing sexual minority  voices to the forefront.


RJ Mansoor

WP_20160713_14_20_05_Pro.jpgMansoor is not your regular scrap dealer. He is a man with a mission. A member of Hasiru Dala, he completed the Scrap Dealer Certification Program, jointly run by Radio Active and Hasiru Dala, and shortly after took charge of managing the operations of a Dry Waste Collection Center in Ward 168 at Jayanagar. A school drop-out, his tryst with technology began when MindTree launched the “I Got Garbage”, an android app that makes it possible to manage the center’s operations by keeping track of inventory, waste pick-ups and more.  He soon took it and got on the social media sites like Facebook and started using what’s app to connect to the community. He dreams of building a scrap dealer cooperative, which will enable in creating a fair market place and price, and so decided to work towards building the Clean City Recyclers Association ( CCRA).  He also has the unique distinction of representing India, at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP (Conference Of Parties) 21

He also volunteers at the station and co-hosts the daily show “Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshka”

 RJ Salma and Siddique

Aqua Star II_20150812_151233.jpgRJ Salma and Siddique, residents on Nayandahalli, hold the distinction of being the world’s first wife and husband waste-picker RJ.  They co-host the daily show “Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshka”. The show broadcasts programs in different Indian languages – Kannada, Tamil, Urdu and Bengali as it caters to listeners in various slums speaking multiple languages.

Salma and Siddique is also working on the “Daastan-e-Nayandahalli “, series, documenting the stories of the recyclers in Nayandahalli .



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